Special Occasion Dresses


Bridesmaid dresses set the mood of the wedding, and to choose the best ones, that suit the wedding theme, as well as appeal to all your bridesmaids, can be a daunting task. An awesome selection of dresses presented to you can, however, make your choice an easier one. So look no further for some of the prettiest bridesmaid dresses in Woodbridge – Vaughan.

Jadore Evening Dress

For those exquisite black tie events, you need an equally exquisite dress to match. In addition, the dress should also reflect your unique personality. Take your pick from plenty of such dresses at Jadore. Each evening dress here is a work of art that will amaze you. Visit our store to check the exquisite details in Jadore Evening Dress collection at our evening dresses store in Woodbridge-Vaughan.

Mother of the Bride & Groom

Your child’s wedding is the day to look your elegant best. We understand how overwhelming it can be to choose the perfect dress for the occasion, and therefore we put in the effort to present to you nothing but the very best of dresses befitting to a graceful mother of the bride or groom. For the best mother of the bride dress in Woodbridge, Vaughan, look no further!

Flower Girl

That little flower girl deserves to be your most adorable guest. Dress her in something she would fall in love with, and the happiness will radiate to the entire wedding celebration. However classical your flower girl likes to look or however contemporary her tastes are, we have the perfect flower girl dress in Woodbridge, Vaughan to match.


Choosing a prom dress is a long arduous process for all those lovely ladies striving to feel like stars on their prom night. We understand that feeling and present to you a most awesome collection of prom dresses in Woodbridge – Vaughan to choose from. Whatever your personal style is, we have a dress that’s made just for someone like you!

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