How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Your wedding is your chance to have the party of your dreams – with everything to your liking – all aesthetics tailored to appeal to your senses – and vibes that reflect your true self; it’s your day to shine and we know just how much the dress means to you on your special day.

Your wedding dress, just like your wedding on the whole, has to be a reflection of who you are. It need not be a function of the latest trends or what the celeb wore. On your day, you are the celebrity and you deserve to adorn yourself in an outfit that’s tailored exactly for you.

After your personality and personal preferences in terms of aesthetics, your body type is the second most important thing to keep in mind while shopping in a wedding dress store in Vaughan. A dress that befits your proportions will add significantly to how beautiful you feel on the D-Day!

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Here is a short guide on the right wedding dresses for each body type.

1)Wedding Dress for the Pear Shaped Bride

A pear shape, as you may already be aware, is one that has narrow shoulders, lean arms, and a wider butt and big thighs. Basically, the bottom is wider and heavier than the top. This is a most feminine and also the commonest among body shapes. Bridal stores in Woodbridge are decked with dresses for these very charming brides.

The pear-shaped bride must put herself in a wedding gown that shows off her lean upper half and skims gracefully over the bottom. And the waist must essentially be the focus of the look!

Strapless gowns, plunge necks, spaghetti straps, and embellished bodices are your go-to items for wedding shopping. Talking of the skirt part, you can go as fancy as you like with flares and layers of tulle. Or you can also go for a more minimalist silhouette with an A-line dress. You can add waist definition with a sleek belt – it could be plain metallic or embellished based on your liking.

2) Wedding Dress for the Apple-Shaped Bride

An apple shape is the stark opposite of the pear shape. You are an apple if you have slender legs, narrow hips, and a relatively heavier upper part with big arms, abdomen, and chest.

As an apple shaped bride, you will rock it in wedding dresses with nice sleeves and a flattering neckline. You can go all classic in long, fit sleeves or go for a more bohemian look with flowing sleeves or bell sleeves.

The square neckline makes looks very good on a top-heavy woman. You can also go for a boat neck style or a Bardot’s neck. At Chez Jordan, we give you the best options in neckline and fit.

You have lots of options for the lower part of your dress – you could go for a sensuous mermaid silhouette that shows off your shapely bottom, and if you are an unconventional bride, you could also wear a wedding dress with a long slit that gives a glimpse of your sexy legs while you walk down the aisle.

3) Wedding Dress for the Banana Shaped Bride

Banana shapes are the most athletic of all – they are characterized by very subtle curves and balanced proportions. If you are a banana shape, you know just how amazing you look in androgynous clothing and shift dresses. And your wedding dress should be an extension of similar silhouettes that make you rock the day!

As a banana shape, you can go for a 20s style straight gown, with or without sleeves, with embellishments overall. If you wish to create curves, you can go for a princess gown as well that flares waist down – and then add a broad belt to give the illusion of a small waist – voila!

4) Wedding Dress for the Hourglass Shaped Bride

The envious hourglass once again has it super easy when it comes to picking a wedding dress. If you have those perfect curves, a thin waist, and balanced top and bottom, you must, by all means, show it off in a body-hugging wedding gown.

A mermaid cut will surely make the guests swoon. In addition, you can look for a variety of other styles at Chez Jordan, one of the best bridal stores in Vaughan, and we are sure that you will have more choice than any other body type!

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